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Wednesday night might seem like an unusual night to sign off from a five-day-a-week gig as anchor of ABC World News, but that’s the night Diane Sawyer chose to do so, appearing on the set with David Muir, who will take over the anchor desk tonight (Thursday). She gave viewers a backstage tour of the news program, pointing out some of the people who work on it. "It has been wonderful to be the home port for the brave and brilliant forces of ABC News around the world and to feel every single night that you and I were in a conversation about the day together," she said. Earlier in the day, Lloyd Grove of the Daily Beast published excerpts of the forthcoming gossipy book, The News Sorority, by Sheila Weller, which chronicles the careers of Sawyer, Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour. According to Grove, Sawyer comes off in the book as "a Machiavellian, often-inscrutable workaholic who uses her seductive charm and good looks to professional advantage and torments news producers with her relentless perfectionism and insecurity." Her competition with rivals like Barbara Walters and Couric was legendary, the book suggests. When Sawyer landed a big "get" that Couric had also been competing for, Couric, according to the book, remarked, "I wonder who she blew this time to get it." None of the three women featured in the book has responded to the allegations in it.