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One day after a blog, NikkiStink.com, attacking Hollywood firebrand Nikki Finke, went online, including photos of the reclusive scourge of Hollywood moguls, the New York Times is reporting that Finke is likely to come out a big winner against her adversaries. The newspaper, citing a person with knowledge of the situation, noted that the reports about the NikkiStink site have prompted a series of new talks between Finke and Jay Penske, who in 2009 bought Deadline.com, the site that she founded. "Those talks could mean she will write again for Penske," the Times said. It also claimed that Finke and Penske have already signed a settlement agreement worth millions to Finke. The Times also reported that Finke has almost completed a nonfiction book about Hollywood for Simon & Schuster, which is owned by CBS Corp. The company’s president, Jonathan Karp, confirmed the book deal but declined to provide details, saying only, "Whenever we publish … the book will be an event." Moreover, the NikkiStink site retreated late on Thursday, removing many of its previous comments. As for its earlier vow to reveal much more about Finke, it said, "We think we’ve made our point. … Should it become necessary to add even more powerful content we will. Believe us, we have it." Finke herself was back online Thursday, sending this message to her followers on Twitter: "Esteemed @Jack Shafer [a media columnist for Reuters] thinks I should ‘pack up my act and bring it to DC.’ Others saying the same thing. Should I?" Most of her followers said yes, leading Shafer himself to tweet that he looks forward to Finke "terrorizing members of Congress." Late on Thursday, Finke replaced the content of the NikkiFinke.com website with an "advisory to readers," which said: "Nikki Finke will announce her next career plans very soon. Please be patient and stay tuned."