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More broadcast and print reporters tweeted Sunday night that they had been threatened with arrest and/or arrested while attempting to cover the volatile Ferguson, Missouri situation. MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted: "Riot cop to me just a few minutes ago: "Get back! Or next time you’re gonna be the one maced." A student working at the local Argus Radio captured an officer threatening him with a weapon and saying, "Get the f**k out of there! You get that light off or you’re getting shot with this." New York Times media writer David Carr reported on Sunday that police tear-gassed a crew from Al Jazeera, "then walked over and laid their equipment on the ground after they fled." Carr noted that the incident wound up being widely reported on Twitter and that, indeed, Twitter has been ahead of the Ferguson, MO story from the beginning. The latest arrests follow a complaint sent by 48 media organizations to law-enforcement authorities in Ferguson, protesting against police treatment of reporters at the scene of the racial unrest.