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If positive reviews of summer blockbusters were to equate with box-office success, then Guardians of the Galaxy would easily become the biggest hit of the year. Many of the critics observe that it’s not your typical Marvel superhero epic. Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post, for example, comments, "It’s the funniest of any Marvel movie yet, lending the film a lightness that goes a long way toward deflating the grandiosity that sometimes inflates and bloats the studio’s films." Says Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune: "It’s looser, scruffier and more overtly comic than the average Marvel action fantasy." And for those who may be put off just by seeing "Marvel" linked to the movie, Manohla Dargis in the New York Times gives this assurance: "You don’t need to be held hostage by the Marvel Weltanschauung to enjoy Guardians." Indeed, Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times suggests that the film hearkens back to the original characters created by Marvel. "One of the most pleasant surprises of the altogether pleasant and surprising Guardians of the Galaxy is that it takes us back to Marvel’s roots and the subversive satisfactions those early days provided." Much of the credit for the film’s charm is attributed to the appeal of Chris Pratt, best known for his role on TV’s Parks and Recreation, but otherwise not well known. "[Marvel] has won a crucial gamble on its star," comments Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal.