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Conservatives auditioning for a regular seat on The View‘s panel had better batten down for some stormy hostility from the two liberal panelists now in place, Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell — O’Donnell, in particular, it would seem. RadarOnline reports that when CNN’s S.E. Cupp auditioned for the show on Thursday O’Donnell exploded after Cupp’s comments about an Australian couple who had asked their surrogate to abort one of the twins she was carrying who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome." When Cupp commented that abortion had become too easy, O’Donnell shot back, "You’re just rattling off Republican talking points. That’s not what we need." Things then appeared to go from bad to worse, with O’Donnell later telling Cupp, "I will not let this turn into another Elisabeth Hasselbeck situation. I will not work with another Elisabeth Hasselbeck." Indeed, O’Donnell quit The View in 2007 following an on-air blowup with Hasselbeck. An insider who was on hand during the taping told Radar: "It was so uncomfortable. It was a massive train wreck."