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Time Warner Cable, which paid $8.35 billion to distribute SportsNetLA, which carries the Los Angeles Dodgers’ games but has been unable to make a sale to any other cable or satellite operator, has acknowledged that the standoff will weigh on its 2014 financial results. The other cable operators, including DirecTV and Cox Communications, have said that TWC’s asking price is too high. A campaign by TWC aimed at persuading Dodgers fans who subscribe to DirecTV to switch has apparently backfired. DirecTV said on Thursday that it has actually gained subscribers since the feud with TWC over the Dodgers’ telecasts began. TWC’s CFO, Artie Minson, advised analysts on Thursday to "assume we do not sign affiliate agreements for the Dodger Network this year." In that case, he said, projected revenue growth for the year will fall from 4.5 percent to 3.5 percent.