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Despite the abrupt and unexplained discontinuance of her blog on August 11, entertainment-industry firebrand Nikki Finke has found herself under attack from the unnamed founders of a group calling themselves the Committee for Decency in Journalism. The group on Wednesday launched a new website, (Advertising Age reported that the site was registered anonymously.), which posted alleged photos of the reclusive journalist and declared, "This set of photos is only the beginning. There is much more. A lot more. We are motivated and have unlimited resources to see this through to the end." The group has not disclosed who its backers are. "For years, you have threatened and bullied the Hollywood community into providing you information so that you could use it to ridicule, abuse and destroy people," the group declared in its "Open Letter.". "You had an opportunity to be a decent person but instead chose to publicly attack industry people, co-workers and other individuals you did not even know without any regard for their personal lives and careers," it added. But Los Angeles Times national correspondent Robin Abcarian, acknowledging that she herself has clashed with Finke in the past, rebuked the site’s founders, pointing out that all they reveal about her is that she is overweight. "Honest to God, that’s it," she writes. "This is juvenile stuff." (Recent reports have indicated that Finke is close to reaching a settlement with Jay Penske, who purchased her Deadline website in 2009, that would bar her from reporting on the entertainment industry but permit her, in effect, to turn her wrath on political and other public figures.)