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Insisting that it takes "user privacy very seriously," Apple said on Monday that it is "actively investigating" the release of dozens of intimate photos of Hollywood celebrities, many of which were stored in its iCloud platform. The photos, some of which showed the celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, nude, were originally posted on the image-sharing website 4Chan but were quickly reposted on numerous social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others. Some security experts speculated that the breach occurred because Apple permits an unlimited number of password guesses to be made when accessing an account, a time-consuming operation for an individual, but a relatively simple one for a computer. Other expects suggest that the hackers may have sent "phishing" emails claiming to have originated from Apple that warned recipients that their accounts may have been hacked and taking them to a login screen to enter their user name and password. Still other experts note that while the majority of photos were taken with an Apple iPhone, several were taken with other smartphones, suggesting that the hackers had gained access to other image-storing services.