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A kiss between two female characters depicted in the season premiere of Doctor Who was removed from the episode in Asia in order to comply with a Singapore law that bars "explicit dialogue or information" about homosexual "lifestyles." The action suggests that because only one version of shows distributed by BBC Worldwide can be shown throughout Asia on its BBC Entertainment channel, censorship rules in one Asian country apply to all. The action raised ethical questions that were not addressed in an article appearing in the BBC publication Radio Times that disclosed the censorship. BBC Worldwide said that it was able to make the cut "without detracting from the storyline." However, the episode was titled "Deep Breath" and the scene in question apparently did not involve a romantic kiss but an attempt by an alien character, Madame Vastra, to save the life of Jenny Flint whose human breath can be detected by droids. When the episode originally aired on the BBC last week, it triggered six complaints from viewers. But OFCOM, the British broadcast regulator, dismissed the complaints, saying, "Our rules do not discriminate between scenes involving opposite sex and same sex couples."