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The producers of the faith-based The Identical had hoped that churchgoers would head for the theaters after attending services on Sunday and boost the movie’s box office results, which were pretty dismal on Friday and Saturday. Their prayers weren’t answered. In fact, ticket sales for the movie fell by more than 21 percent on Sunday, taking in just $464,489 at 1,956 theaters — or an average of just $237 per theater. That figure would suggest that there were an awful lot of theaters where the movie screened to an empty house. For the entire weekend the film earned just $1.6 million and was unable even to make the studios’ top ten list. (It came in at No. 12.) Heading the list was Disney/Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which collected $10.4 million in its sixth week, followed by Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which earned $6.5 million in its fifth week. Although original estimates had indicated that Warner’s If I Stay would stay in third place for a third consecutive week, it was actually edged out by 20th Century Fox’s Let’s Be Cops. Cops took in $5.57 million while the fourth week of Stay brought in $5.56 million. Overall, the top 12 films this weekend grossed $51.5 million, down 22 percent from the $66.07 million that it amassed over the comparable weekend in 2013, when Universal’s Riddick opened with $19 million.