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In a deal likely to spark anger among theater owners, the Weinstein Company has agreed to release its upcoming sequel to Ang Lee’s martial arts classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, on Netflix and in a number of IMAX theaters simultaneously. It will mark the first time that a new movie will be released on Netflix and in theaters at the same time. According to the New York Times, the movie will become the first of several films that have received financial backing by Netflix that will receive IMAX and Netflix releases. (Other theaters will not be screening it.) In an interview with the newspaper, Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix, said that he hoped that these films will eventually shut down the traditional windowing system that theater owners have tried to keep open, which bars new films from being released theatrically and on home video simultaneously. "What I am hoping is that it will be a proof point that the sky doesn’t fall," Sarandos said. "These are two different experiences, like going to a football game and watching a football game on TV."