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The day when drones are ubiquitous in our skies, delivering packages from Amazon and pizza from Pizza King, keeping track of scofflaws on our streets, helping to cover the news, repelling insects on our farms, and monitoring the environment, just moved closer — thanks to Hollywood. Appearing to bow to persistent pressure from studios to employ them for aerial shots, the Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday authorized six filmmaking companies to use the unmanned aircraft for their productions. The FAA decision did not overturn its virtual ban on the drones handed down a year ago; it merely granted the movie producers an exemption from it. The agency indicated that it plans to grant similar exemptions to other companies as it reviews proposals for making the flying machines safe for commercial aircraft. Noting that producers have been using drones for filming in Canada and overseas (for example, they were used in the latest James Bond and Transformers sequels), MPAA Chairman Christopher Dodd said Thursday that the FAA’s ruling would help "create a climate where more production is done at home."