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IMAX Entertainment chief Greg Foster has suggested that the motion picture studios may have learned a lesson from this year’s depressed box office, in particular that "people are getting a little sick of the post-apocalyptic, dark, angst-ridden, suicidal movies" and that the movies that scored strongly were those such as Guardians of the Galaxy that "had a twinkle in their eye, movies that are a little mischievous, movies that are fun." Foster also criticized the studios for releasing one tentpole film on top of another during the past summer and expressed enthusiasm for their 2015 slate. "The spacing is great, the titles are great and the word of mouth coming out on them is already great," he told the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Next year, he predicted, "is going to pop in a way that we haven’t seen for a long, long time" what with the likes of another "Avengers, a Star Wars, a Bond, another Marvel title in Ant-Man, a Pan, Terminator, and Fast and Furious 7" being released. "That’s unbelievable." (Foster later mentioned other titles including Mockingjay, the final Hunger Games movie and the final Hobbit movie, among others.) Foster also mentioned the fact that Michael Bay’s use of IMAX 3D 4K cameras for his last Transformers movie had doubled orders for IMAX cameras for next year. He also predicted strong demand for laser projection. When a test piece of film is shown with conventional projection and then reshown with laser projection, "Oh, my God, you just look at it and it’s just a different way of experiencing it, a powerful way of experiencing it."