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A law professor at George Washington University in Washington DC has formally filed a license challenge at the FCC accusing WWXX-FM of airing "hate speech" by broadcasting the name of the local NFL team, the Washington Redskins. Professor John Banzhaf told Broadcasting and Cable magazine that the team’s name is based on a racial slur and that "the unnecessary and repeated on-air use of that derogatory racist word is contrary to current federal law and akin to broadcasting obscenity." Banzhaf noted that former FCC commissioners Reed Hundt, Jonathan Adelstein and Nicholas Johnson are among those who have called upon the FCC to convene a panel to discuss whether broadcasters should "self regulate" to avoid use of the team’s name. Meanwhile, all eyes — figuratively and almost literally — will be on CBS when it televises the Sept. 25 Thursday Night Football contest between the team and the New York Giants. In reporting on Banzhaf’s filing, B&C commented, "It no longer seems a matter of if, but when, one of the most storied NFL franchises bows to mounting pressure."