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Elvis Presley had a twin brother who was stillborn. But what if he had not been? And what if he had been put up for adoption at birth? That is the sort of bizarre speculation that drives the latest faith-based movie The Identical, starring real-life Elvis impersonator Blake Rayne as both the pop idol, named Drexel Hemsley in the movie, and his unknowing twin who earns a living impersonating him. Claudia Puig of USA Today is just one of many film critics who comment on the preposterousness of the premise. "It’s an idea that might have made for a mildly intriguing skit, but blown out into a full-length feature it’s at best campy and at worst an amateurish, sentimental schlock-fest," she writes. It all amounts to "goofy absurdity," writes Ben Kenigsberg in the New York Times. "At times you could swear it was a lampoon," comments David Hiltbrand in the Philadelphia Inquirer. "One wacky movie," is the way Joe Neumaier describes it in the New York Daily News, adding that "it’s not laugh-out-loud bad, it’s just melodramatic and it’s heartfelt religiosity gets overbearing." Actually Jordan Hoffman of Britain’s Guardian does think it’s laugh-out-loud bad. "We’ve got that rare thing we always hope for but seldom get," he writes, "a movie so bad that you’ll want to watch it with all your friends. There’s a very real possibility we’ll have midnight screenings of this picture for years to come."