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While Hollywood workers may worry increasingly about “runaway production” being spurred by lucrative tax incentives offered by other states and countries, the motion picture industry as a whole may have few such worries. That posture was reflected by MPAA chief Christopher Dodd, who on Tuesday invited the film commissioners of various states to attend a summit on film industry incentives in Washington DC on September 29. As reported by today’s (Wednesday) Los Angeles Times, Dodd said in an email to the commissioners, “We will discuss how to better partner to garner additional legislative and other political support for your jurisdiction’s production incentive program.” In its report on the invitation, the Times commented, “The timing of the conference is unusual because it comes so soon after California lawmakers moved to expand their own incentives.” But an MPAA spokeswoman said that the date was intended to coincide with an industry conference on the East Coast that the commissioners were already set to attend.