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Ratings looked positively rosy for the 18th season debut of ABC’s The View on Monday. Or should the word have been spelled R-O-S-I-E? The debut featured the return of Rosie O’Donnell to the panel that also included another Rosie, actress Rosie Perez, and former Republican political strategist Nicolle Wallace. And if there had been, as reported, a feud between O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg over who was to moderate the discussion, it was settled, in Whoopi’s favor, before the season opener debuted. It posted an 8-year high in total viewers — 3.9 million — and a three-year high among the target demographics, women 18­49 (683,000) and women 25­54 (911,000), according to Nielsen Research. The views of the critics were not so rosy. Alessandra Stanley in the New York Times thought that most of the goings-on were "rather stilted" and criticized Wallace, the sole conservative on the panel, as someone "who prefers to finesse differences rather than strip them bare." That she said, may be "a good strategy for a political strategist, but it’s not the strategy that made The View a hit." Brian Lowry of Variety wrote that there was nothing "approximating fireworks" that occurred during the show and that it seemed apparent that the producers were pursuing "a low-key approach." His conclusion: "The View hasn’t done much more than rearrange — and perhaps reupholster — the chairs." On the other hand, Kevin Fallon in The Daily Beast thought the new View was "almost unrecognizable." It was, he acknowledged, "respectable, illuminating" even "civilized" and "thoughtful," but also "let’s face it, kind of boring."