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The same three films that landed in first, second, and third place at the box office last weekend and the weekend before that are expected to repeat for a third time this weekend in that order. In what is often the slowest weekend of the year for theaters, Disney/Marvel’s hit Guardians of the Galaxy is likely to wind up on top with about $10 million in its sixth week in theaters. Already 2014’s top-grossing film domestically, such a result would increase its gross to $283 million and put it on track to become the only film of the year to pass the $300-million mark. Coming in second, according to the predictions, will be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with around $7 million, followed by If I Stay with about $5 million. None of the major film studios has a new release hitting theaters this weekend, leading several analysts to speculate that the weekend could set a record for the lowest sales in recent history. The only newcomer opening in wide release is the faith-based The Identical, which could reach $5 million if churchgoers turn out to support it. Unfortunately, not a single film critic has.