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The TV Guide channel, which once was an adjunct of the magazine found on the coffee tables of most American households and was the de facto programming guide for cable TV viewers, is dropping its name and will simply be called Pop, the channel, which is now a joint venture of CBS and Lionsgate, announced on Thursday. Like the magazine itself, a cable programming guide became passé when cable and satellite providers began including them in their own receivers and DVRs. Nevertheless, TVGN, as the channel later was called, remained as a basic-cable offering in the homes of 80 million subscribers but attracted few viewers with its menu of mostly reruns. However, in an interview with today’s (Friday) Los Angeles Times, Brad Schwartz, TVGN’s president of entertainment and media, said that Pop captures "the vibe the network is going for. … We’re going for a new audience that we are calling ‘the modern grown-up’ … people in their mid-to-late 30s that have pushed off emotional maturity." Besides, there was little that could be done with that iconic name. As Schwartz noted, "As much as the TV Guide brand is historical, we don’t own the magazine, website or app. … So if you can’t control your brand across all platforms, how do you build?"