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For years, special-effects genius Douglas Trumbull (2001: A Space Odyssey) has been trying — and failing — to convince studio executives to produce a blockbuster movie using his Showscan system — a 60 frames-per-second process (rather than the conventional 24 fps) that results in a spectacularly realistic image. It wound up being used almost exclusively for so-called "ride films" shown at amusement parks and some theater annexes. Now, Trumbull has come up with a new and improved Showscan that he calls MAGI, a digital system that projects images at 120 frames per second and uses lasers to brighten the projected image, which is shot using two cameras with the shutter on each opening alternately. The result, Trumbull told the British trade publication Screen Daily, is "a viewing experience that far exceeds conventional movie quality." He says he has been talking to several directors of future tentpole pictures in the hope that they’ll push the studios to adopt MAGI for their projects. "The directors I talk to are very eager for this kind of innovation — Jim Cameron more than anyone," Trumbull said. Cameron is often credited for the revival of 3D movies with Avatar.