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A day after announcing that it plans to finance the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, one of the most successful "art films" ever released, Netflix announced on Wednesday that it has signed a deal to back four movies from Adam Sandler, one of the most successful downmarket filmmakers. Sandler will produce and star in all four. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sandler’s statement included in Netflix’s announcement could have been written for an Adam Sandler movie. He accepted their offer, he said, "for one reason and one reason only: ‘Netflix’ rhymes with ‘wet chicks.’" (Mainstream newspapers, perhaps oblivious to Sandler’s double meaning, apparently published the comment without hesitation. Sandler’s statement also included the words "Let the streaming begin" followed by four exclamation marks; most newspapers reduced them to one.) Netflix did not immediately disclose whether it planned to release the films on its streaming platform and in theaters simultaneously — or whether they would be released theatrically at all. A day earlier, exhibitors denounced the company’s plan to release Crouching Tiger on Netflix and IMAX on the same day next August.