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The decision by cable channels UP TV (formerly GMC) and TVGN (formerly the TV Guide Network and soon to be POP) to yank 7th Heaven shows from their schedule in the wake of the Stephen Collins scandal will have far-reaching consequences beyond Collins himself. Besides Collins, ten actors appeared in more than 100 of the series’ 243 episodes (Collins, Catherine Hicks, Beverley Mitchell, and Mackenzie Rosman appeared in all 243) and 27 actors had roles in more than 20 episodes of the series, which aired between 1996 and 2007. Yanking the show from the cable channels means that all of them will cease receiving payments for rerun use ("residuals"). During the series’ run, ten child actors played Collins’s children, and there were additional acting opportunities for young actors who played their friends. In an interview with the gossip site TMZ, Caryn Moss, the mother and manager of Niki Saletta, said that her daughter appeared on 18 episodes of the series as Deena Stewart and will no longer receive her "mailbox money" when those episodes are repeated. Brother Sam Saletta, who appeared as George Camden on six episodes, will also no longer be paid. While small, those checks "will be missed," Moss told TMZ. Currently the series remains available for streaming via Hulu and Amazon Prime.