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Having apparently concluded that its PG-13 rating was at least partly responsible for the mediocre performance of The Expendables 3 at the box office in August, Lionsgate has decided to release an unrated cut of the movie on home video on November 25th, the studio indicated in a trailer for the Blu-ray combo pack. The cut may also counter the effect of the pirated version of the film that landed online before the film was released theatrically. The studio said that it will feature "more action, more explosions, more fights — and a higher body count" than the PG-13 theatrical version. The studio provided no further details, such as the length of the cut and whether it will simply make existing scenes bloodier. (The film managed to receive a PG-13 rating largely because the violent scenes were bloodless. The unrated version will only be available as part of the combo pack and can not be purchased separately.