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We may actually be approaching the day when the words "William Shatner" "Star Trek sequel" and "snubbed" are no longer invariably linked in the same sentence. Several reports on Monday indicated that Shatner is likely to reprise his role as Captain Kirk in the upcoming production of Star Trek 3. On the website BadAssDigest.com, writer Devin Faraci, who originally reported that producer J.J. Abrams had contacted Shatner about appearing in the film — to be released in conjunction with 50th anniversary of the original TV series — wrote that he had learned that Shatner will appear with Leonard Nimoy in a scene in which the original Kirk and Spock will interact with their past selves played by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Also on Monday, TheWrap.com quoted a studio insider as saying that a Shatner cameo was indeed planned for the movie but that no deal has yet been signed since a script for the movie has yet to be finalized. Meanwhile, on his Twitter account, Shatner seemed to respond to BadassDigest’s report that he had confirmed its report that he would appear in the film. "I’m amazed that folks find all these things to write about on what I didn’t say," he tweeted on Monday. "Can’t wait for full moon on Weds when the craziness peaks!"