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On Saturday’s installment of the BBC sci-fi favorite Dr. Who, long-dead-and-buried people rise up out of their graves to become an army of Cybermen. To at least 113 viewers, that wasn’t the most disturbing aspect of the show, however. They fired off complaints to the BBC about references in the episode to how bodies can feel pain when cremated and when organs are removed for transplants or research. Responding to the complaints, the BBC said, "Doctor Who is a family drama with a long tradition of tackling some of the more fundamental questions about life and death. We were mindful of the themes explored in Dark Water and are confident that they are appropriate in the context of the heightened sci-fi world of the show." Besides, the publicly supported network said, when Dr. Who, currently portrayed by Peter Capaldi, hears about the dead-can-feel-pain claims, "he immediately pours scorn on them, dismissing them out of hand as a ‘con’ and a ‘racket.’ It transpires that he is correct, and the entire concept is revealed to be a scam." British TV regulator acknowledged that it had also received complaints about the episode and that it may launch an investigation.