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Last weekend produced one of the worst box-office totals of the year — just $79.97 million, down a whopping 33 percent from the same weekend a year ago, when Ender’s Game opened with $27.01 million. Most analysts agreed that the principal culprit was the Halloween monster, who chose a Friday to make his appearance this year. But others cited the dearth of compelling movies in theaters. The only relatively new Halloween-type film, Ouija, opened a week ago. It was able to edge out the positively reviewed Nightcrawler (which sounded like a Halloween movie but wasn’t) with a gross of just $10.74 million, most of it earned on Friday. Nightcrawler, which was expected to win the weekend, came in second with $10.44 million. The third week of Sony’s Fury came in third with $8.82 million, one of four films that finished with around $8 million. Lionsgate’s attempt to roll out a 10th anniversary edition of Saw flopped spectacularly. The film earned just $650,051 and averaged $315 per theater.