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It would appear that the guys at Disney’s "other" animation studio — the one not called Pixar — have created another big hit after their success with Frozen, and without rescuing a single predestined princess in doing so. As Betsy Sharkey observes in the Los Angeles Times: "Big Hero 6 is a little edgier, its humor a little grittier and its sensibility very 21st century, setting it on a different path than the studio’s classic fairy tale staples. It is nevertheless, writes Tom Russo in the Boston Globe, "a rousing movie that’s satisfyingly infused with traditional Disney sentiment." Manohla Dargis in the New York Times likes the fact that Disney has used its merger with Marvel to create an animated movie based on a character from a Marvel comic book. It could, she writes, "make the case that every superhero story should be entirely animated. Given the amount of computer-generated imagery in live action superhero movies, why not?" Oh, and it’s also a comedy and a good one at that, comments Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Big Hero 6 is a funny movie, and not in that forced way of older animated films, with a few jokes aimed over the head of the kiddies just to make the ordeal tolerable for adults. The humor here works for all ages." It does not work for Kyle Smith of the New York Post, however, who remarks, "Big Hero 6 is marred by slow development, bland characterizations, limp jokes and meaningless action scenes thrown in at random."