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Not only didn’t Date Night win the weekend box-office race as 20th Century Fox had estimated on Sunday, it didn’t even come close. The actual winner was Warner Bros.’ Clash of the Titans, which finished with $26.7 million, well above the final take for Date Night, which came in at $25.2 million, just edging out DreamWorks’s How to Train Your Dragon, which recorded a final gross of $24.9 million to bring its three-week total to $133.4 million. What had appeared to be a neck-and-neck race for fourth place after the estimates were announced on Sunday didn’t work out that way either. Why Did I Get Married Too? ended up with $11 million, just as Lionsgate had predicted, but Disney The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus, fell to $9.83 million in its second week. Overall, ticket sales for the weekend came to $119.3 million, down 5.1 percent from $125.8 million last year.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):
1. Clash of the Titans, Warner Bros., $26,633,209, 2 Wks. ($110,226,524); 2. Date Night, 20th Century Fox, $25,207,599, (New); 3. How to Train Your Dragon, Paramount/DreamWorks, $24,863,535, 2 Wks. ($133,404,438); 4. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?, Lionsgate, $11,017,379, 2 Wks. ($48,537,039); 5. The Last Song, Disney, $9,832,326, 2 Wks. ($42,255,196); 6. Hot Tub Time Machine, MGM, $5,431,021, 2 Wks. ($36,969,649); 7. Alice in Wonderland, Disney, $5,301,730, 6 Wks. ($319,009,518); 8. The Bounty Hunter, Sony, $4,215,156, 4 Wks. ($55,916,622); 9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 20th Century Fox, $3,979,641, 4 Wks. ($53,636,368); 10. Letters to God, Vivendi, $1,101,204, (New).