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April 28, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Although 20th Century Fox has been boasting this week about record-breaking Blu-ray Disc sales for Avatar, it has also been fending off complaints from many buyers that they are unable to play the discs. A complaint page created on online retailer Amazon’s website on Tuesday quickly filled with more than 100 messages from frustrated buyers. Fox attempted to quash the bad publicity by informing dissatisfied customers that they needed only to download new firmware that would fix an apparent glitch in the players’ DRM software, which protects against copyright infringement. But late in the day Amazon’s customers were still complaining that even the most up-to-date firmware for their players was unable to solve the problem. One person wrote, “I am so pissed!!! I have spent the whole day trying to get this to play in a LC-42bd80u with no luck!!! I have been waiting for this for months and now I am starring [sic] at a blank screen. How ridiculous is this. i [sic] bought this TV 3 months ago and it won’t play Avatar!!! WTF!!!!!It plays every other movie but this.” Several websites observed that the DRM software, which is meant to discourage pirates, has had the opposite effect. The website GearDiary.com commented, “Once again legal paying customers are blocked from content they paid for while pirates proceed unimpeded.” Indeed, the website TorrentFreak.com observed on Tuesday that Avatar “is on its way to becoming the most pirated Blu-ray film to date.” It counted more than 200,000 downloads in the first four days following the film’s release on Blu-ray and noted that “DRM issues …could also have boosted download numbers a little.”