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Many of the electronic glasses required for viewing 3D movies in most theaters may not be functioning properly, Wall Street Journal film critic Joe Morgenstern wrote today (Friday). In an unusual follow-up to his review of Clash of the Titans last week, in which he described “murky”3D images, Morgenstern wrote that he was subsequently contacted by Michael Fink, the CEO of Prime Focus, which converted the film to 3D, who invited him to see sample scenes of the films at its offices. “The scenes I viewed were indeed bright, with an impressive illusion of depth,” Morgenstern wrote. The problem that he had originally experienced, it turned out, resulted from the failure of the battery in the 3D classes he was wearing to function. He said that judging from email messages he has received, his experience is but one of many. Morgenstern concluded: “Remarkably, the same studios that are spending vast sums to produce 3-D films have thus far ceded responsibility for their proper projection to the theater chains and theater employees. For a moviegoer, the fate of a blockbuster could be riding on the voltage of a tiny button battery.”