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Warner Bros./New Line’s Nightmare on Elm Street surprisingly performed better on Sunday than most analysts — and the studio itself — had expected. The Sunday surge put the film’s gross for the weekend at $32.9 million — well above the $25.5 million that the original took in. How to Train Your Dragon, which rose to first place last weekend, its fifth in domestic release, fell to second place with $10.61 million, putting it in position to cross the $200-million mark by next weekend. The only other film to open wide, Summit Entertainment’s Furry Vengeance, tanked with just $6.63 million.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):

1. Nightmare on Elm Street, Warner Bros., $32,902,299, (New); 2. How to Train Your Dragon, Paramount/DreamWorks Animation, $10,614,289, 6 Wks. ($192,173,750); 3. Date Night, 20th Century Fox, $7,577,352, 4 Wks. ($73,604,361); 4. The Back-up Plan, CBS Films, $7,255,762, 2 Wks. ($22,963,517); 5. Furry Vengeance, Summit, $6,627,564, (New); 6. The Losers, Warner Bros., $5,888,471, 2 Wks. ($18,013,781); 7. Clash of the Titans, Warner Bros., $5,855,368, 5 Wks. ($153,911,073); 8. Kick-Ass, Lionsgate, $4,515,940, 3 Wks. ($42,228,273); 9. Death at a Funeral, Sony, $4,123,105, 3 Wks. ($34,900,278).