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Overseas, Iron Man 2 opened in 53 countries earning $100.2 million — 26 percent more than the original did during its first weekend two years ago. The film opened internationally one week ahead of its domestic run in order to collect as much business as it can before the World Cup puts a damper on moviegoing after it kicks off on June 11. (It has yet to open in several key foreign markets, including Japan, Germany, and India.) “We felt like the sequel had enough momentum that international could take the lead this time,” Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore told today’s (Monday) Los Angeles Times. “I think our $100-million opening showed that was the case.”The weekend overseas gross seemed especially propitious given the fact that the original collected $267 million throughout its entire foreign run. Analysts also foresee the result as pointing to an equally smashing opening domestically with several saying that it has a chance of breaking the all-time record of $158.4 million set by the Dark Knight two years ago.