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An Icelandic photographer who grabbed some spectacular pictures of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull claims that Fox News pirated them from his Flickr site and put them on the air without his permission. In an interview with the website TorrentFreak, Örvar Atli Thorgeirsson said, “This was a once in a lifetime photo session for me and these big media companies are ruining the value of my images by publishing them. Each time the image gets published their value decreases.” He said that Fox News has ignored his messages. In its news item, TorrentFreak, which tracks stories concerning BitTorrent users and efforts by media companies to enforce copyright restrictions, noted, “We probably wouldn’t have covered this issue if Fox News wasn’t owned by Rupert Murdoch.” Murdoch, the website noted, also owns “20th Century Fox, an MPAA member that has launched several lawsuits against against torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay. It seems that Murdoch has a double standard when it comes to copyright infringement. Apparently it’s not that bad if he’s the one making money from it.”