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His longtime buddy Walter Cronkite may have been forced to retire in 1981 because of a CBS mandatory retirement policy at the time for persons reaching 65, but at the age of 91, 60 Minutes commentator/humorist Andy Rooney says he has no plans to step down — ever. Asked by how long he expects to continue to work, Rooney replied, “How long am I going to work? How long am I going to live? That’s the question.” And he answered it this way: “I will work until I drop, or until I lose my head. Until somebody tells me different, I’m not going to quit.” And salary disputes are not going to cause him to exit either, he observed. “They don’t even call me about it. They’re not changing the amount of money I make, which is plenty. I’m just here. I’ll be here until I die or get too sick to work.” Why would he do so? “I work for the best show on the air, and I have the best spot on it. This is as good as life gets.”