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June 18, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

A day after two media analysts downgraded shares in DreamWorks Animation, the company’s chief financial officer acknowledged Thursday that its second-quarter revenue will be “meaningfully below” that for the same quarter a year ago. Apparently taking note of the 20-percent decline in the company’s stock since the opening of the latest Shrek movie, CFO Lew Coleman said, “We think the company’s recent stock price performance is an indication that investors had higher expectations for Shrek Forever [After].” Coleman seemed to part company with DreamWorks Animation’s Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, a non-stop tub thumper for 3D technology, when he said, “I think you have to make a compelling case to have a … movie in 3D, like Avatar and [How to Train Your] Dragon,” Coleman said. “I don’t think we made that case for Shrek.