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It’s hard to know what to make of the fact that 20th Century Fox’s Knight and Day earned only $3.8 million during its Wednesday opening. The Los Angeles Times forecast that the result suggests that the movie’s run will be “short and unimpressive.” It added, “The spy caper will struggle to gross even the $25 million by Sunday that people who had seen the polling previously estimated.” But Daily Variety observed that “the film’s largely adult [audience] doesn’t normally turn out in force for mid-week openings.” Other writers noted that audiences may not even have been aware that the movie was opening on a Wednesday since the switch from a planned Friday debut was made at the last minute. In any case, it’s widely assumed that Toy Story 3 will walk away with box-office honors this weekend with around $60-65 million. The comedy Grown Ups is expected to land in second place with about $35-40 million, despite dreadful reviews.
Knight and Day collected an additional $3.5 million on Thursday, its second day of release, going against the usual trend of a film that opens on Wednesday falling steeply on Thursday.