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It will be the ’80s all over again at the box office this weekend as two favorites from that era, television’s The A-Team and the movies’ The Karate Kid vie for first place. According to box-office forecasters, each should have no trouble unseating Shrek Forever After as the leader of the pack, with Karate Kid given the edge to win. Both films have received a mixed reception from critics and analysts are only tentatively predicting that they will enable the box office to move out of the doldrums that they began to encounter last month. For the season, ticket sales are down 4 percent; attendance, 10 percent.

The Karate Kid easily won the black belt in Friday night’s competition, earning $18.8 million, according to Daily Variety. Far from putting up a tough defense, The A-Team went down for the count with about half the revenue of The Karate Kid — $9.5 million. Shrek Forever After came in third with $4.5 million.