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The BBC has announced plans to launch a website focusing on U.S. news that will compete with American networks and newspapers. In a statement, Miranda Cresswell, who will be heading the U.S. operation, said, “Building on the incredible journalism already available on, you’re going to see more analysis, more insight and more perspective that connects the dots on events and issues that affect us all in the U.S.” In reporting on the BBC’s plans, Reuters, the U.K.-based news service, noted that the broadcaster, which collects more than $5 billion annually from “license fees” paid by owners of TV sets in Britain, will also be selling advertising on the U.S. site. (Hewlett-Packard is described as “launch partner”). That means, said Reuters, “that the BBC’s U.S. site will be competing for advertising dollars with the Web operations of commercial newspapers and broadcasters who do not have any other source of revenue.” However, will be operated by BBC Worldwide, which does not receive any direct license-fee funds but receives much of its revenue by selling BBC content.