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CNN President Jon Klein is attempting to put a cap on the gushing leaks within the cable news network about its programming plans, but they continue to spread. Following numerous reports originating in the British press that Piers Morgan, the America’s Got Talent judge and former editor of the London Daily Mirror and the weekly News of the World, was in talks with the cable news network to replace Larry King, Klein sent an email message to Broadcasting & Cable magazine, saying tersely, “We never have negotiated with Piers.” The trade publication said that Klein would not elaborate. Noting Klein’s response, the Hollywood Reporter commented today (Thursday), “The network seems to be taking pains to suggest no negotiations are currently going on with anyone — an unlikely scenario.” (Klein’s remarks did not discourage celebrity website from reporting later that CNN’s deal with Morgan was worth $10 million.) The website noted that CNN had earlier dismissed reports that it was in talks with Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker to host a program. Like the Morgan items, those reports had cited sources within CNN. Since the reports about Morgan turned out to be accurate, Mediaite asked Klein, “does that concern you, that there are leaks coming out of CNN regarding these major staffing decisions?” Klein responded, “It’s such a big ‘if’ it’s not worth talking about.” But, noted Mediaite, “the leaks about Spitzer and Parker turned out to be true.” Klein turned away the remark. “It’s a big organization with a lot of moving parts,” he replied. “People can speculate away.”