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David Prowse, the actor wearing the Darth Vader costume in the original Star Wars movies has disclosed that he has been barred from attending “official” Star Wars conventions, including the upcoming Celebration V. Prowse, who has previously been a regular at such conventions — he reportedly donates his fee for appearances and autographs to arthritis charities, having suffered from the condition since he was 13 — said on his website, “It is with regret that I have been informed by my friends at C2 Ventures, Ben and Phillip, that I am not to be invited to C5 this year or any other Lucas Film associated events. After inquiring, the only thing I have been told is that I have ‘burnt too many bridges between Lucas Film and myself’ — no other reason given.” Prowse has criticized Lucas for replacing his voice with James Earl Jones’s without telling him in advance. Philip Wise, the webmaster of TheForce.net, said Monday, “Lucasfilm does have the right to prevent celebrity invitations to official Star Wars conventions and they did exercise this right as it relates to Dave Prowse and Celebration V.”