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Industry analysts appeared to be as ga-ga over the prospects for Warner Bros.’ Inception, which opens today (Friday), as critics are. Several see it as the next billion-dollar studio franchise. At the same time, they are expressing real concern about the prospects for Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which may need a real sorcerer to save it from a quick death. The film, which reportedly cost $150 million to produce and millions more to distribute and promote earned just $3.9 million on its opening day on Wednesday, and some box-office forecasters are suggesting that it will struggle to earn even $30 million during its opening weekend. Indeed, not all critics are equally sanguine about prospects for Inception‘s inception either. They point to the film’s intricate plot, the fact that it is not based on a popular source, and that it fails to follow the formula of Hollywood’s past hits as worrisome issues. Commented today’s (Friday) Los Angeles Times: “For Inception to become a hit, Warner needs it to appeal to a broader audience that typically likes lighter action and thriller fare. Executives involved in the film and around Hollywood agree that its ultimate success will depend on word of mouth coming out of the first weekend.”