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Will people who have installed home theaters be willing to pay as much as $50 to watch a movie 30 days after its theatrical release — while it is still playing in theaters? According to Reuters, some studios are close to deals that would test those viewers’ willingness to do so. They’re also going to test another platform that would allow families at home to watch a first-run movie 60 days after it is released in theaters for $25. According to the wire service, which cited two unnamed sources, at least one studio is considering testing the so-called premium video-on-demand as early as this fall. During an investors call on Tuesday, Disney CEO Robert Iger was asked about the possibility of such a service. He replied: “It’s too soon to make specific comments or predictions about that, but I think it presents an interesting opportunity. There are people who we believe would like to see movies sooner than later and would pay a premium price to do that.”