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McCann Erickson, one of America’s largest advertising agencies, may have received numerous favorable references on AMC’s Mad Men during the run of the hit series, but the show suddenly turned on it last Sunday, and no one seems to want to tell why. In last Sunday’s episode, the character Kenneth Cosgrove, played by Aaron Staton, unleashed this diatribe against McCann, whose clients include Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, General Motors, MasterCard, and Intel: “It’s the worst agency I’ve ever seen. The worst. My mother was a nurse at the state hospital … and that was the last time I saw so many retarded people in one building.” Contacted by New York magazine, the ad agency responded with some optional comebacks, including: “The Mad Men premiere garnered 2.9 million viewers while the Jersey Shore premiere garnered 5.2 million viewers. Clearly, the ‘retards’ are the winning team.” And: “It is not appropriate to make fun of people with disabilities. You know, like TV writers.”