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Following an uproar over the use of Auto-Tune technology on Britain’s The X Factor to keep some contestants in perfect pitch, producer/judge Simon Cowell has ordered the show’s production team to discontinue its use on the hit talent show. The London Daily Mirror quoted a source as saying, “He only came back from holiday yesterday and as soon as he landed he was very busy taking lots of calls from production and ITV bosses. He said ‘the sh** has hit the fan’ and was shocked about the fans’ reaction and wanted to do something straightaway.” The newspaper also indicated that the Auto-Tune technology had also been used to make not-so-good singers sound worse. A program source told the Mirror: “Obviously that would result in a much more entertaining show where some singers sounded hilariously bad, constantly missing notes, and others were amazingly polished. We all thought it wasn’t right to use that kind of equipment on a talent contest as it gave viewers a misleading view of the singers’ ability. It was a bit of a con.”