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Unfavorable timing prevented CNN from naming Katie Couric to replace Larry King when he steps down in the fall, the New York Times reported on Sunday. Citing an unnamed person close to Couric, the newspaper observed that “there was virtually no scenario” under which Couric would be able to move to CNN before June 2011, when her contract with CBS expires. On the other hand, the Times noted, timing appeared to be fortuitous for Piers Morgan, the America’s Got Talent judge who currently hosts a popular celebrity interview show in the U.K., Life Stories, where he is often successful in eliciting tearful accounts from his guests. (Those who have wept on his program have included British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, fellow talent show judge Simon Cowell, and British singer/TV personality Cilla Black.) The Times reported that CNN executives were intrigued after watching tapes of Life Stories but were unable to negotiate with him until Morgan was able to obtain permission from NBC to allow him to work for both NBC and CNN. That process was completed last week, the newspaper said, and a formal agreement between Morgan and CNN to take over as host of King’s show is likely to be announced as early as this week.