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Conan O’Brien announced on Wednesday that his new late-night television show on TBS will be called Conan — “simple, pure, like the man himself,” he remarked in a promotional two-minute video that, within hours after it was posted on YouTube, drew nearly 200,000 viewers. The video shows O’Brien in his proprietary manic state, sitting in a virtually empty office with a standard work desk from the 1950s, a far cry from the lavish sets most late-night hosts are used to. As for the title, he said, “I’ve spent millions of dollars, I’ve had media research companies, we’ve had thousands of people working around the clock” on it. Indeed, earlier reports had questioned whether he would be able to use his own name in the title, given the fact that “Conan” has been used as the title of a shortlived TV series in 1997 and in the “Conan the Barbarian” film franchise. Earlier, O’Brien had remarked that he had a different preference for the title, but his first choice, “Oprah,” had already been taken.