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The head of Google’s operations in the U.K. and Ireland has urged the British entertainment industry to take advantage of the international fascination with Internet technology. Writing in the Guardian newspaper, Matt Brittin commented that, thanks to the Internet, British talent can be “discovered” virtually instantaneously thanks to people all over the world sending messages via email and online social networks urging, “You’ve got to click on this link right now.” An obvious case in point, Brittin observed, was the rise of Susan Boyle to international prominence following her appearance last year on Britain’s Got Talent when the self-dubbed spinster’s performance quickly was uploaded onto Google’s YouTube and attracted millions of viewers worldwide. “If we learned anything from Susan Boyle, it’s that this is a global phenomenon that crosses national boundaries,” Brittin wrote. “The UK is perfectly placed to take advantage of this, with our great track record as an exporter of content, and the asset of the English language. Right now a quarter of the world’s population has Internet access and there are more than one billion English speakers online. This number will certainly grow rapidly as the mobile Internet gives access to many more people. In this connected world, SuBo’s [Boyle’s] journey from a viral video to [a break-out success in] America shouldn’t be a one-off.”