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Rupert Murdoch took home his smallest pay package in seven years, according to a News Corp filing with the SEC for its just-ended fiscal year, reported by Britain’s Guardian newspaper in today’s (Wednesday) editions. According to the report, Murdoch’s salary was unchanged at $8.1 million, But his annual bonus, which is contingent on his performance as News Corp’s chairman and CEO, dropped 20 percent to $4.4 million. His stock and share options were worth $4.05 million and his use of the corporate jet was put at $275,117. Murdoch’s compensation package was eclipsed by that of Chase Carey, who returned to the conglomerate (from DirecTV) as COO, president and deputy chairman last year. It came to $26 million, including a recruitment bonus of $10 million. Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, however saw his pay package drop to $14.0 million from $22.1 million.