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Anne-Marie Johnson, one of the prime movers of the activist Membership First faction of the Screen Actors Guild, has informed SAG members that she will not seek reelection as first vice president. Her announcement came after Membership First lost out to the moderate group United for Strength in contests for all 13 open seats on SAG’s Hollywood board, thereby making it fairly certain that she would not be reelected if she ran. Her email message was tinged with bitterness. She said that the end of her term would be regarded by her opponents as “a joyous day. Hopefully there will be others who won’t feel the same.” She continued: “The anti-union movement, whether it be from our own employers or the Republican Party, has successfully weakened not only the power of unions, but the pride and determination that were once natural byproducts of calling oneself a ‘union member.'” Johnson did not suggest that she has any plans to resign from the union’s board.