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ABC and NBC were one-hit wonders in the ratings last week with ABC taking first- and third-place with its two weekly episodes of Dancing with the Stars, and NBC taking fourth place with Sunday Night Football. Fox had no hits at all, with the possible exception of Glee, which performed well among 18-49 year olds, but ranked No. 24 among total adults. But it was CBS that once again dominated the ratings, taking 65 percent of the top 20 positions, including No. 2, the long-running NCIS. Not included in the ratings rundown was the primetime overrun of CBS’s NFL telecast Sunday, which drew more viewers than any other program of the week. Among the nightly news programs, NBC remained the clear leader as NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams captured 7.5 million viewers, followed by ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer with 7 million. The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric remained far behind with 5.5 million viewers.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research:

1. Dancing With the Stars (Monday), ABC, 12.5/19; 2. NCIS, CBS, 12.0/19; 3. Dancing With the Stars (Tuesday), ABC, 10.7/17; 4. Sunday Night Football, NBC, 10.3/17; 5. NCIS: Los Angeles, CBS, 9.9/16; 6. 60 Minutes, CBS, 9.4/15; 7. The Mentalist, CBS, 9.0/16; 8. Two and a Half Men, CBS, 8.6/13; 9. Criminal Minds, CBS, 8.4/14; 10. The Good Wife, CBS, 8.3/14.